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        Recent News
        Tongyu Communication
        Established Guangtong
        Intelligent New Company

        In the morning of March 28, Shenzhen Guangtong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., which is 100% controlled by Tongyu Communication (002792), and Tongyu Communication Shenzhen R&D Center were established in Shenzhen Guangming Science and Technology Park at the same time.

        According to Hu Zhigang, vice president of Tongyu Communication, in order to adapt to the company's future business development needs, Tongyu Communication will give full play to the advantages of R&D technology resources, focusing on adjusting the location layout of the industry, combining existing technological advantages, and accelerating the introduction of high-level talents from different locations. To enhance its technical reserves and strength, Tongyu established a wholly-owned subsidiary-Shenzhen Guangtong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.?

        We aim to design and produce?

        the best products with?innovation technology

        and provide customers the most cost-effective solution.?

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